About Mingzhe

Mingzhe Wang Hey there, folks! The name’s Mingzhe Wang, but you can call me “The Software Dismantler.” I’m always raring to go and take apart any software or embedded firmware that catches my eye. It’s like a treasure hunt, but instead of gold coins, I find juicy bits of code and hidden secrets!

During the day, I explore automated ways to make sure those pesky software systems are correct and secure. But when I’m not glued to my computer, you can find me conquering the mountains with my trusty bicycle. Whether I’m zipping down adrenaline-pumping paths or pedaling up steep hills, I’m always up for a good adventure on two wheels!


I managed to snag a PhD from Tsinghua University, where I focused on supercharging fuzzing performance by reducing instrumentation overhead and leveraging program analysis techniques. I am honored to have had my research published in top-tier conferences such as PLDI, CCS, ICSE, and ATC, and was fortunate enough to be the first author on these papers. If you’re curious to read more, just checkout my publications on Google Scholar.

And if you’re thinking about getting your own PhD (and playing basketball with a nice guy), I highly recommend working with Prof. Yu Jiang. He’s an amazing mentor who I’m lucky to have worked under.

Geeky Life

I’m a Rustacean and Pythonista. Although, to be honest, I have an intense love-hate relationship with C++ for more than a decade. For most of my day, you can find me glued to my screen, with Firefox, zsh, and Emacs (or Spacemacs to be specific). “I use Arch BTW.” In my free time, I like to unwind with some good old-fashioned e-ink reading on KOReader. Because who needs a tablet when you can have an e-reader, am I right?